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Whether you have a car that needs full-service car detailing or a home that needs cleaning from top to bottom, you can turn to my company in San Tan Valley, AZ. I serve homeowners, work for business clients, and invite you to browse my website to find out more about Upper Echelon Auto Detailing and how you can benefit from my services.

Professional Services

Mobile Detailing

Mobile Detailing
I can handle the complete auto detailing that your vehicle needs to look great again. I offer car washing with tire cleaning and headlight restoration, along with interior upholstery treatment, carpet cleaning, dusting, and odor removal to make sure your prized possession looks brand new. I promise excellent results. 

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Aside from car carpets, I can clean all sorts of other carpeted floors. Whether you have one in your house or an expensive carpet floor at your workplace, you shouldn't allow them to build up stains, spots, and odors. These will ruin their appearance and lead to wear and tear in a much shorter period of time. I have the cleaning solutions to prevent this. Just give me a call. 

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning
While cleaning has become a crucial part of our everyday lives, some people still lack the time to take care of their places. As a result, all sorts of trash, dust, dirt, and other related issues start to build up, causing poor indoor quality with a high chance of catching all sorts of diseases. To avoid such circumstances, hiring a professional, such as myself, is certainly worth considering. 

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
Along with your home, I can also take care of your workplace, making sure it shines from top to bottom. I have fourteen-plus years of experience in the business and will professionally attend to cleaning all the surfaces in your office, kitchen, restrooms, hallways, and other areas of your commercial premises. I have got you covered. 

COVID Disinfection

COVID Disinfection
Many of us throughout the world are doing our best to maintain a clean and welcoming place where we can stay safe until the issue of COVID-19 gets sorted out. Unfortunately, regular cleaning is not the main solution to establishing a healthy atmosphere. I can perform thorough disinfection of your property using specialized equipment and make you feel the difference.
Professional Full-Service Car Detailing
Professional Complete Auto Detailing
Professional Mobile Auto Detailing

Pros to Consider For Your Complete Auto Detailing in San Tan Valley, AZ

Demonstrating high standards of cleanliness with equally high forms of customer service has helped Upper Echelon Auto Detailing grow tremendously. I take pride in the quality yet cost-friendly mobile auto detailing along with the variety of cleaning solutions I provide that come with free labor estimates. I guarantee your complete satisfaction.

An Expert for Car Exterior Detailing in San Tan Valley, AZ

I take each job seriously, be it a full car exterior detailing, complete office disinfection, or a regular house cleanup program. I have the knowledge and expertise that allow me to ensure timely and efficient results for any form of cleaning I take on and carry out. With easy access to specialized and top-shelf cleaning equipment, creating a clean, fresh, and welcoming atmosphere is a promise I cannot break.

Available In Other Areas

My company is now available in:

  • Coolidge, AZ
  • Sun Lakes, AZ
  • Sacaton, AZ
  • Blackwater, AZ
  • Casa Blanca, AZ

Contact my company in San Tan Valley, AZ if you are interested in the professional car detailing service, property disinfection solutions, or regular cleaning work I can perform. I’m looking forward to your call. Contact me today!


Client’s Testimonial

by Adelle Mcfadden on Upper Echelon Auto Detailing
Thank You

Thank you for coming to my house and cleaning up both my car and my place. I couldn't be more satisfied with your work. The price was good, too. I highly recommend your mobile auto detailing and cleaning services.

Incredible job on detailing the inside of our family members filthy vehicle. Brought it back to life.
Jenna Bidwell
Jenna Bidwell
I CANNOT say enough good things about Mike. He was on time, super pleasant to work with and our car looks amazing. It was WELL overdue a detail, he was incredible and we’ll be using him regularly! Amazing service highly recommend to anyone.
Mike is fantastic. We have tried a bunch of "mobile detailers" few have been as professional as Mike. Mike the owner, spent more time on detail than anyone we have had work on our car. From interior to exterior, our Mercedes looked exactly as it did when we bought it off the showroom floor. Mike has a passion to ensure you love his work and we did. Not only is he doing our personal cars monthly but we have him do our business vehicles as well. There is not a better company in the Valley. Thank you!! Best part? He is priced better than 90% of the other "detailers."
Jason Unangst
Jason Unangst

Upper Echelon Auto Detailing
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